Benefits of raising livestock and poultry in winter snow

According to studies, snow water is close to the cell water in the body in nature and has strong biological activity; the ability of the body to absorb snow water is 2 to 6 times larger than the ability to absorb ordinary water. Therefore, snow water enters livestock and poultry and stimulates the activity of enzymes and promotes metabolism. In addition, in snow water, the content of nitrides is 4 times higher than that of rainwater of the same volume, the heavy water content is 1/4 less than ordinary water, and the content of toxic and harmful substances such as phenol and mercury is also lower than that of ordinary water. Heavy water is a kind of radioactive material and has a strong inhibitory effect on various life processes (fish will quickly die in 40% of the heavy water), so heavy water is also called "dead water." Feeding livestock and poultry with snow instead of ordinary water can reduce the risk of heavy water. The data show that pigs fed with snow-water mixed feed can make the pigs robust and grow faster, which is 30% to 50% more than normal water-mixed ingredients, especially for young pigs less than 3 months old. Feeding chickens can increase the egg production rate by 15% and the size of the eggs is also large.

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