Grafting fruit seedlings will die

Rootstock and scion incompatibility measures: When grafting seedlings, be sure to use strong affinity and adaptability varieties as rootstocks. Grafting operations sloppy countermeasures: rootstock scion noodles to be smooth, the formation of the two layers must be tightly aligned, the interface seal tightly, film can not be premature. Scion sprouting or thinning measures: Do a good job of scion storage, timely grafting, not sprouting scion and weak bud scion. The anvil was sown early in the spring, sowing the seedlings in the early spring and the fruit seedlings grafted in the summer and autumn. After an anvil was cut, the scions and rootstocks died together. Countermeasures: First, after 10 days of living, cut the rootstock stems 2/3 above the interface 5 centimeters above the interface, leaving 1/3 connected, so that the upper leaves continue to produce nutrients to feed the scion, maintain the life of the rootstock, and wait till the scion grows. 30 cm high, can produce nutrients and then cut the anvil. The second is to leave 4 to 5 leaves at the bottom of the graft while grafting. After cutting the anvil, nutrients are produced from the lower leaves to supply the leaves of the seedlings.

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Product Description
Name Canned Salmon
Flavor Brine, Oil, Salad, Chili
Type Shred, Flake, Chunk, Solid
Net weight 140g, 160g, 170g, 185g, 200g, 1kg, 1.88k.
Brand Our brand or OEM, ODM
Shelf life 3/4 Years
Payment terms T/T, L/C
Delivery time 25 days after label artwork confirmed and advance payment done.
Packing normal lid or easy open,paper label or lithio can, paper carton or shrinked by tray
EU NO. 3302/01034
RUSSIA NO. 3302/01034
Shipping docs Commercial Invoice
Packing List
Bill of Lading
Certificate Of Origin/ Form A
Health Certificate
Veterinary Certificate
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Salmon In Brine

Salmon In Brine,Smoked Salmon Brine,Salmon Chunks In Brine,Sunflower Canned Salmon

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