Winter technical measures for raising snakes

In winter, the temperature is low. When the temperature drops to around 10°C, the snake stops all activities and enters hibernation. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to ensure safe wintering of snakes. This is a key task for this quarter. During hibernation, snakes do not eat or drink, metabolism is minimized, and nutrients stored in fat form in the fall are used to sustain their life's minimum needs with slow decomposition. When they hibernate, they tend to cluster together in dozens or even hundreds and spend winters in caves and snake nests. 1. When the snake hibernates, the snake nest temperature should be maintained at 5-10°C. When the temperature is higher than 10°C, the snakes will be disturbed by hibernation and the metabolism will be strengthened. This will increase the consumption of nutrients in the snake body, which is unfavorable for hibernation; the temperature is lower than 5 At °C, snakes are often frozen to death. Before winter, clean the snake nests, snake boxes, replace and thicken sand and soft bedding. During hibernation, snakes or snakes can be covered with plastic sheets, hay, straw, or electric lights in snake chambers to increase the temperature. When the temperature is too low, the heating temperature should not be directly baked using the fire, the need to use the heating indirect heating; temperature is too high, you can open the higher position of the snake chamber ventilation window, so that indoor air and outdoor air convection cooling, while removing Cover the plastic film and straw of the box, nest, but be careful not to let cold air blow straight to the snake body. 2, in the snake's hibernation period, in addition to attention to insulation, but also pay attention to humidity, because the humidity in hibernation is also very important, generally maintained at 40% -45%, but not too low, otherwise the air is too dry, affect the snake hibernation Normal breathing. At the same time, it cannot be too humid, because the humidity assembly lowers the temperature inside the nest. A pot of water can be placed in the nest or inside the box. The humidity can be adjusted on the one hand and the snake can be used on the other hand. 3. Snake farms should use snake nests, snake houses, snake boxes, and snake pools for wintering of snakes. In this type of place, hibernation is easy to regulate temperature and humidity, and it is easy to observe snake hibernation, which can make snakes hibernate safely. The method of using the caves in the garden or excavating artificial caves for wintering by snakes is simple, but the temperature and humidity are not easy to control, and it is not conducive to people watching the wintering of snakes. Therefore, this method of overwintering is not desirable. 4. During hibernation, in addition to monitoring temperature and humidity, snakes should regularly inspect snakes, snakes, or snake ponds for predator damage and take care to eliminate mice, scorpions and ants. In addition, pay attention to the health of the snake. However, it is not advisable to inspect too much. Do not turn over snakes during inspections to minimize interference with hibernating snakes. 5. When the outside temperature gradually rises above 10°C, snakes gradually regain their consciousness and gradually carry out activities. Once the snake begins to move, the temperature in the room and room cannot be reduced anymore, otherwise the snake may enter hibernation and consume a lot of nutrients, which is unfavorable to the snake. Therefore, we must try to warm up at this time, so that the snake completely wakes up and does not hibernate. After the snake hibernates, the nutrients in the body are greatly consumed. As a result, the body is weak and the disease resistance is poor. It is easy to die due to pneumonia. In order to reduce the death of the snakes, once the snakes begin to prey on the animals, they must feed the animals that the snakes like to eat, and provide enough drinking water to add snake health to the drinking water. Practice has shown that such measures have obvious effects on improving the resistance of snakes and reducing the incidence of pneumonia and stomatitis in snakes. 6, snakes wake up after hibernation, one should carefully check the body, the body's thin concentration carefully intensive care, and those sick snakes are isolated treatment, can not let the disease spread, harm the snake farm. At present, some snake farms use warming to break the breeding method of hibernation in order to obtain the greatest economic benefits. In theory, this is a feasible approach, but from a practical point of view, changing the snake's hibernation habits does not seem to fully adapt to the snake's physiology. The snake's normal growth and physiology are often confused, which is detrimental to the normal growth of the snake. In addition, it takes a lot of money to warm up. Therefore, this method of warming and breaking the hibernation has to pass a large area test and cannot be blindly adopted.

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