Livestock and poultry feed "four materials" winter can be cold

In the cold season, appropriate feeding of some cold-resistant feed can enhance the body's resistance to livestock and poultry, alleviate cold stress, and thus promote the growth of livestock and poultry. Common cold-resistant feeds are: 1. Distillers' grains. Including distillers' grain and brewer's grains, it is rich in protein and minerals. It also contains a certain amount of ethanol. It has a high heat content and is often called a “hot feed”. It can improve digestive function, strengthen blood circulation, and expand blood vessels in the body. Produces a warm feeling and other effects. Feeding livestock and poultry in winter has a significant effect on cold resistance. Distiller's grains are suitable for feeding rabbits, pigs and cattle, especially for beef cattle. Brewer's grains are suitable for feeding chickens, ducks, pigs and cattle. Both of them have unfavorable effects on the function of the fetus and the male, so it is not appropriate to feed pregnant female animals and breeding male animals. 2. Root bark. The root bark of vegetables contains minerals that can produce warming effect. When used as feed, it can enhance the cold resistance of livestock and poultry. There are celery root, buckwheat root, spinach root, cabbage root and other vegetable waste, and carrots, sweet potatoes and other roots , can be used as cold feed. When using this kind of feed, be sure to keep its skin. 3. Food category. Soybeans are sweet and warm, fried with hot, warm feed, contain 37.9% of crude protein, both excellent vegetable protein feed, but also cold and warm feed. Black beans contain 36.68% crude protein, sweet nature, sweet, fried very hot, is a good cold warm feed. The barley is sweet, warm, and has good ripening effect. In addition, rice and straw also belong to warm feed. 4. Meat category. Lamb and dog meat produce high calories, which is the preferred warmth and cold-resistant feed for winter carnivorous and omnivorous livestock and poultry. Animal liver contains more iron (the animal is particularly cold when it is deficient in iron), and it is easy to absorb. In winter, it is appropriate to feed some animal livers to livestock and poultry, and it can supplement iron and keep warm. Freshwater prawn is warm and sweet, and it is a high-calorie feed. It has the effect of strengthening kidneys and strengthening yang and strengthening male functions. It is suitable for animals that suffer from cold and cold in winter.

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