Seizing time seedlings is the key to cultivate rapeseeds

After the emergence of rapeseed, each pond is more dense and crowded. If it is less than the time, the environment will be poor and each other will win light to weaken the seedlings. Especially in the case of fat feet and rainy weather, a large number of tall plantlets, bent footed shoots, and rooted shoots were formed in two or three days. Therefore, the artificial seedlings are used to adjust the distance between the seedlings and improve the seedling growth conditions. Therefore, and the time seedlings are cultivated and vigorously deficient seedlings, reaching the neck and stout, with many green leaves, large leaf area and heavy dry matter mass.

Miao method: generally two or three times. After the first Qimiao, pull out the part and pull in the middle of the hole; the second time when the first true leaf emerges, it is pulled out. The leaves do not overlap and the seedlings do not depend on the seedlings. Do five to stay, go to weak seedlings, leave strong seedlings, go to small seedlings, leave large seedlings, go to miscellaneous seedlings, leave pure seedlings, go to diseased seedlings, leave healthy seedlings, go to dense seedlings, leave seedlings, and remove field weeds. . The third time, Dingmiao will control the seedlings of three true leaves of rapeseed, and the field in the middle field of fertility in field will maintain 2-3 strains per pond. The land with dry land, poor water retention, and weak fertility will leave 1-2 seedlings per pond. Dingmiao made five to five stay. And timely grasp pest control.

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