Three Kinds of Skillful Ways to Operate Farm Machinery Are Not Available

One is using a silk cover air filter. In order to enhance the filter effect of its small drag, some robots cover the air filter with a silk cloth, which is believed to make the air cleaner. Do you not know, silk cloth will hinder the air smoothly into the cylinder, so that the cylinder gas supply is insufficient, the combustion is not complete, resulting in black smoke and power drop. The second is to tighten the cylinder head cap screws with the adjustable wrench. The tightening force of the cylinder head nuts of various engines should be balanced. Use special sleeves and torque wrenches to evenly tighten the diagonals from the center to the edges. Some hand-operated wrenches are used as substitutes, which are easy to overpower and destabilize the nuts; and the screw tightening torque is uneven, which can easily cause the plane deformation of the cylinder head. The third is cotton yarn wipe parts. When the diesel engine is overhauled, some operators will repeatedly scrub parts and the interior of the crankshaft with cotton yarn and diesel oil. This removes the oil, but burns the tiles for a short time. This is because a layer of cotton fiber is attached to the oil filter in the oil pan, which prevents the oil from entering the oil passage and causes burning of the tiles. Therefore, the cleaning part should use a brush.

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