Honey can not be the same as food

Improper collocation of honey

â—‡ Honey and rice with food will have stomach pain

â—‡ Honey and onion with food injury eyes

â—‡ Honey and leeks cause heart disease with the same food

It's easy to eat stomachew with honey and ginger

Honey and tofu with food can lead to diarrhea and deafness

â—‡ Honey and squid are poisoned with food. Available black beans, licorice detoxification

â—‡ Garlic and honey phase grams (the function is not the same with the food)

The leek and honey phase grams (the opposite of medicine is not the same food),

Lettuce and honey phase g (with the same food is not conducive to diarrhea caused by stomach)

Honey and tofu with grams of tofu sweet, salty, cold, there is a small poison to heat and blood under the large intestine. Honey Liang Liang Lili with the food prone to cause diarrhea. At the same time, honey contains many kinds of enzymes, and tofu contains many kinds of mineral plant proteins and organic acids, and the mixed foods easily produce biochemical reactions unfavorable to the human body. So after eating tofu should not eat honey more should not be the same food. Soybean milk should not be brewed. Soymilk protein content is higher than milk, and honey contains mainly about 75% of glucose and fructose, but also contains a small amount of organic acids, the combination of organic acids and proteins produced by the two degenerate precipitation, can not be absorbed by the body.

The correct use of honey is 40 °C ~ 50 °C warm water boiled honey should not be boiled water honey brewed into honey in addition to 65% to 80% of glucose and fructose, but also rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals, is a nutrient-rich Sweet food. When eating, it is best to use warm water that does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. If boiled with boiling water will change the sweet taste of honey to make it sour and also destroy the nutrients. A single vitamin C loses one-fifth or even one-half. Milk and honey are also more effective at the same time. Liquid bags (boxes) contain milk that can be consumed directly or heated. However, it cannot be boiled at high temperatures, or it can destroy its nutritional components and reduce its nutritional effects. Heat milk in microwave oven for one minute and then add appropriate amount of honey to drink (cool milk is added directly to honey and eaten at the same time). Honey can also be eaten with other foods at the same time but it cannot be boiled, otherwise enzymes will be destroyed and affect the original taste of honey. And flavor. The variety and quantity of milk plus honey vary from person to person and should be maintained for a long time.

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