Food Taboo (Soda)


(1) Do not drink after eating

(2) The soda placed after opening the lid should not be drunk

(3) should not drink while eating

(4) Do not drink soda when drinking alcohol

(5) The inside and outside of the bottle are unclean or leaky

(6) Incomplete trademarks or expired sodas are not suitable for drinking

(7) Do not drink in bottles with impurities or other color precipitates

(8) The person should not use the bright color of soda or abnormal color.

(9) Non-blowing sodas should not be consumed

(10) The smell of soft drinks does not match the smell of the products or other smells are not suitable for drinking

(11) The taste of bitter soda is not suitable for drinking

(12) acidic soda should not drink too much

(13) Drink plenty of soda after work

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