The circulating water treatment equipment is filtered by a plurality of filter cartridges, and the effective filtration area is large, and the pressure loss is small.

Main features of circulating water treatment equipment

a Beijing Qitian Shengma Filtration Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. circulating water treatment equipment uses multiple filter cartridges for filtration, effective filtration area and low pressure loss. The designed filtration area is 3 to 5 times the area of ​​import and export.
b. Circulating water treatment equipment is convenient for maintenance and maintenance: setting manhole for maintenance, convenient for loading and unloading filter cartridge, backwashing filter
c. The circulating water treatment equipment adopts the structure of multi-filter cartridge filtration and cleaning by filter cartridges, and the water supply is continuously supplied during the cleaning.
d. Circulating water treatment equipment program control: The parameters of the system can be set according to the actual situation of the user site.
e. Advanced control system for circulating water treatment equipment : The control system has high precision and can adjust its working mode and operating state according to different water quality to improve its ability to adapt to water quality.
f. Convenient control mode of circulating water treatment equipment : differential pressure/time control at the same time or separate control, can be arbitrarily selected according to actual working conditions and requirements, automatic operation; at the same time set manual/automatic transfer switch, the control mode can be preset, and Gas interlocking,
g. The backwashing filter is provided with local control, and if necessary, a remote control switch can be provided to realize local operation and remote control operation.
h. The backwash filter has functions such as running status output and fault alarm output to ensure that the equipment is used under safe and reliable conditions.

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