The "Five Flavours" of Food: The Whole Country - Salty

Changeable simple salty

Salty salt is generally produced by salt, salty foods such as salt, sauce, seaweed, seaweed, oysters and so on. Salt is the freshest condiment, and it is also the flavor of the local people. The salty taste of salt is often referred to as the "king of the hundred flavors," and "a salty 'hang' flavor."

The main role of salt in cooking is to season and enhance the flavor. The single salty taste is intense, but if it is combined with sweetness, it is soft in salty, and needs to be savored; if it is combined with acid, it has a distinct personality. However, it cannot be stopped; but saltiness usually coexists again with it, and it is another fashion in authentic flavor.

The savory taste of an independent personality seems to be simple and simple, but when it comes to different partners, it transforms another face.

Salty Sweet - Tenderness of Huaiyang Cuisine

Salty sweet taste, gentle and rich, 婉 婉 婉 turn people.

Representative dish: chicken sauce

Xian Xian - the exquisite Cantonese cuisine
Because of the proper salty taste, the flavor is more prominent and obvious.

Representative dishes: Salted shrimp

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