Asarum pest control

Blight was sprayed on the bed surface with 70% of the enemy's 500-fold enemy liquid before emergence of the spring seedlings; 50% carbendazim 500-fold solution was used for prevention and treatment after emergence.

Sclerotinia disease occurs mostly in June-July. At the early stage of the disease, it appears on the base of the petiole, showing a brown stripe lesion. After expansion, the upper part of the sclerotia dies and falls to death. Simultaneously. Germs spread to the roots. Rhizomes covered with black sclerotia. Even the roots rot only roots. The prevention and control method is: timely soil loosening in early spring, increase ground temperature, pay attention to drainage; find diseased plants to remove and destroy in time; use 0.3-degree lime sulfur, 600-800 times of dason ammonium, and 600-times of zinc spray; Harvest, change cultivation.

When the rust is dry, it should be watered in time. After spraying the leaves, spray 50% carbendazim 300 times, 7-10 days, spray 2-3 times.

Pests The pests that damage Asarum include larvae of small ground tigers, larvae of Asarum sinensis, black caterpillars and aphids, ants, etc. They bite on the buds and leaves of Asarum. They can be used as dichlorvos, trichlorfon, and speedy extermination agents. Prevention.

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