Side effects of wolfberry

The efficacy and role of dumplings are many, and it is good for diet and health, but not everyone is suitable. People who are not suitable to eat will have side effects. Because it has a very warm body, it has a fever and body inflammation. People with diarrhea have better not eat wolfberry. Exogenous heat, spleen deficiency, and diarrhoea are not allowed.

1. People who suffer from high blood pressure, have too much impatience, or have a large amount of meat on weekdays, do not eat the red light.

2. Gardenia can nourish the liver and kidneys, but there is no need to serve the liver and kidney.

3. Deficiency people will have the disadvantage of slipping and diarrhea, there is caution in the use of internal heat.

4. Some people eat too much wolfberry cause eye redness and swelling, discomfort, blurred vision and other side effects, from a healthy diet point of view, these people are also not suitable for human consumption.

In addition, there is also a "shelf life", the taste of wine has changed, can not eat anymore.

The unfavorable factor for drinking with wolfberry soaked in water is that the vitamins contained in wolfberry are mostly water-soluble, and they are easily destroyed when exposed to heat, and it is difficult for carotene to be completely absorbed. It's best to use it like ordinary food. When you stir-fry, make porridge, and make soup, it's not only nourishing but it won't get angry. Squeeze a little bit of dried cocoon, and when it's playing soy milk, stir-fries, and porridge, or steamed buns and boiled dumplings, put a bit of salt as ingredients. This will make full use of the nutrients and trace elements it contains.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

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