General manual for the pH meter ph-25

General manual for the pH meter ph-25  

Ph-25 type ph meter|The acidity meter is an instrument for measuring the pH value of a solution by a potentiometric method. The indicator electrode used together with the indicator electrode is a glass electrode, and the reference electrode is a calomel electrode. View acidity meter price

First, determine the pH value of the acidity meter:

1. Before the power is not connected, use the mechanical adjustment screw 1_ to adjust the current meter pointer so that it points to zero (ie ph=7);
2, turn on the power switch 1, preheat for about 20min;
3. Calibrate the ph meter: place the temperature compensator 4 on the measured temperature value; turn the ph-mv switch 5 to the ph file; set the range selector switch 6 to the pH range of the solution to be tested (7 to 0 or 7) ~l 4); After 1-2 min, adjust the zero adjuster 7 so that the pointer still points at ph=7; insert the two electrodes into a standard buffer solution of known pH. The underarm reading switch 12 adjusts the positioning adjuster 3 to point the pointer at the pH of the solution. Repeat steps 4 and 5 several times to stabilize the indicator value of the pointer. After the instrument is calibrated, the positioning adjuster cannot be moved.
4. Remove the ph meter electrode, rinse it with deionized water, and gently blot the residual water with lens paper or filter paper. Then insert into the solution to be tested. Under the reading switch, read the ph value of the solution;
5. After the measurement is completed, release the reading switch 12 and wash the electrode.

Use and maintenance of glass electrodes:

1. The main part of the glass electrode of the acidity meter is the glass bulb at the lower end. It is made of a thin layer of special glass, so do not touch hard objects.
2. When using for the first time, the bulb should be immersed in deionized water for more than 24 hours. When not in use, it should also be immersed in deionized water.
3. The plexiglass tube on the electrode plug of meter has good insulation performance. Do not touch chemical reagents or oil stains.
4. If the glass film is stained with oil, it should be immersed in alcohol, then put in ether or carbon tetrachloride, and then transferred to alcohol. Rinse thoroughly with water.
5. When measuring strong alkaline solution, it should be operated quickly. Immediately after the test, wash it with water to prevent the alkali from corroding the glass.
6. Any acidic solution containing fluoride ions cannot be measured with a glass electrode.

Second, the steps to measure the electromotive force are as follows:

1. Point the switch 6 to “0” and adjust the bakelite screw on the meter so that the pointer points at ph=7. Then turn on the power switch and the instrument is warmed up for 5 minutes. The electrode is connected and the electrode is immersed in the solution to be tested.
2. Point switch 6 at "7~0", switch 5 at "-lmv or "-mv", switch 12 in the released position.
3. Adjust 7 to cause the meter pointer to press the reading switch 12 at 0 mv to indicate the electromotive force of the battery under test.
4. After the measurement, rinse the electrode and turn off the power.

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