Rabbit material processing scratch seven

The scientific and reasonable processing of rabbit feed directly affects the growth and development of rabbits and the economic income of raising rabbits. The author's practice of raising rabbits for many years has proved that rabbit feed should be processed at seven points:

One is cut short. For good palatability of green grass, it is advisable to feed fresh, cabbage, radish and other feeds due to excessive moisture, should be slightly dried and then fed.

The second is slicing. Such as carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes, etc., should be sliced ​​and mixed together in the feed, or be fed into granules. The potatoes should be cooked and fed.

The third is smashing. Feeds such as sorghum, corn, and barley must be crushed before they are fed to improve digestibility, preferably raw or fresh. For legumes, such as alfalfa, milk vetch, yam leaves, etc., should also be crushed into pellet feed.

The fourth is cooking or soaking. Beans or soya cake feed, because of containing anti-protease, if raw feed will affect the digestibility, should be cooked or fed with hot water before feeding 3 to 4 hours before feeding, but the heating time should not be too long, otherwise the protein becomes difficult Digestion reduces nutrients and palatability. If soaked bean cake with pink, said that the rancidity has deteriorated, can not feed the rabbit, otherwise it is easy to cause poisoning. Tofu residue, bean powder residue, sweet potato, etc., should be cooked and fed, and the amount of feed should not be much, if fresh feed, rabbits are prone to diarrhea.

The fifth is fried spices. In winter, sorghum, corn and beans can be crushed and mixed with other feeds to increase palatability and digestibility and increase feed intake.

Six is ​​alkaline. Straw and mash and other feed, on the tank or cement pool, immersed with 1% to 2% lime water for 1 to 2 days, remove and wash with water, and slightly dried to alkalinize. Straw roughage after alkali treatment can make crude fiber become soft, destroy sulfuric acid, improve digestibility, increase feed intake. Alkaline feed 80 to 100 grams can be added to each kilogram of rabbit diet.

Seven is the use of mineral feed stone powder, shell powder, bone meal, salt. Should be fully crushed and then fed together with the concentrate, where the salt can be fed in drinking water.

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