Integrated prevention and control technology of wheat full-etching disease

Wheat full-blown disease is a dangerous disease and it is a quarantine subject in the province. It is a typical root rot and stem rot disease. In addition to infesting wheat, it also infects crops such as barley, corn, early rice, and oats, as well as grassy weeds such as barley, amazon and bluegrass. The upper part of the victim's disease is not obvious, only the diseased plant is shorter than the healthy plant, the tillering is less, the base leaves are yellow, and the primary roots and underground stems are grayish black, and in severe cases, the secondary roots are also black. The symptoms from grouting to maturity were obvious. In the case of moisture, the discolored part of the rhizome formed a basal rotted “black foot” shape. Finally, the plant withered to form a white panicle. Peeling off the basal part of the sheath revealed a “black plaster”. Severely affected land mass can cause more than 50% reduction in production or even no harvest. Therefore, it is an important task to control the full-blown disease by carrying out comprehensive prevention and control of wheat full-etching disease, especially straw treatment during wheat harvesting. the way is:
First, strengthen quarantine. Prevent the introduction or transmission of the disease.
Second, the sick wheat field to eliminate the combine harvester operations, to be thoroughly cleaned and then enter the disease-free zone, the diseased plants will be rooted, single income singles, and the straw concentrated burned, do not pick up feces, completely remove the sick , reduce bacteria source.
Third, scientific formula fertilization, wards should not be continuous use of chicken manure and other poultry manure.
Fourth, choose to do a good seed treatment of pesticides on the road; optional use of 12.5% ​​total etched net 100-150ml, water 500ml, seed dressing 50kg. Or 3% Difen Dan 250-300ml+2.5% Shiloh 100-200ml water 500ml, seed dressing 50kg.
V. Do a good job of soil treatment; Before sowing, use 50% carbendazim 2.5-3.0kg mixed fine soil 20-25kg before planting on the surface, and re-use the re-applied land with water.

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