How to prevent and treat the indica rice Tang

Q: Live rice is in 6-9 stages.

A: If the rice (Japonica rice) grows stronger, you can use 6.9% per acre 精 f 禾 禾 禾 禾 禾 禾 禾 禾 water emulsion 40-50 ml, add 50 kg of fine spray of water. Before spraying, dry field water, establish water layer one day after application, and retain water for one week or so. The effect is better. Japonica hybrid rice is more sensitive to frazoxime, and it can be used with caution. It can use 10% of cyanmethoxate EC per acre with 60 ml of alum and 6.9% of flavone hydropharmaceutical emulsion with 20 ml of water per acre. Kilo fine spray. If the plots are flat and deep-water irrigation (with rice not topped, Madang basically not submerged in water) flooded for 2-3 days, can effectively inhibit the growth of crabgrass.

This year, Fushimi Corporation's newly-listed products, Han Qiuhao, and 10% Fazodicarb-ammonia EC, have good control effects on weeds such as crabgrass and Qianjin, and they can also be used.

Isolation Gowns

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