Summer rape cultivation techniques

The rapeseed is a cool and cool crop, entering the period from June to July, when the temperature is high and the temperature is very hot. To improve the production of summer rapeseed, we must grasp the following points.

First, the shade cooling

The use of old plastic film and shade nets to cool the shade, it is best to carry out production in greenhouses or small and medium sheds in order to use the existing scaffolds to cover the shade material.

Second, change the rotation

It is best to practice crop rotation for more than three years, and not to make continuous cropping or intercropping with cruciferous vegetables. The former can be wheat, melons, beans and solanaceous vegetables.

Third, select the heat-resistant species

Choose rape varieties with strong heat resistance and fast growth, such as Hua Guan, Nanjing Dwarf Yellow, and Little Green Cui.

Fourth, drying seed selection

Sowing before sowing for 2 to 3 days can not only kill germs on the seed surface, but also increase the seed germination rate. Before sowing rapeseed, after dissolving 100 grams of salt per 1000 grams of water, pour 500-700 grams of rape into salt water, stir, remove impurities, sclerotia, empty grains, etc., wash with water and sow.

Fifth, sorghum cultivation

Each mu of farmyard manure after decomposing 1500 to 2000 kilograms, plowing into the 20 to 30 cm deep plowing layer, so that the soil fertilizer mix well, you can sow. Change the commonly used oyster to sorghum, that is, on the basis of the original rake, a 30-cm-wide, 20-cm-depth drainage ditch should be built between the rake and rake so that the drought can be poured and the rake can be discharged.

Six, live disease prevention

The method of live-breeding is adopted to avoid viral diseases caused by rooting when transplanting seedlings.

Seven, fertilize and water

After emergence, according to the seedlings topdressing 1 or 2 times to raise the seedlings, rape seedlings grow robustly. Watering the canola in the summer is done early in the morning to cool down.

Eight, the seedlings Dingmiao

After emergence, they have gone to the dense seedlings. When they grow to 1 to 2 leaves, they go to the seedlings. When 3 to 4 leaves are set, they have to stay weak and stay strong.

Nine, disease prevention

The main diseases of rape are downy mildew, black spot and anthracnose. The prevention of downy mildew can be controlled by spraying 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 600 times or 72.2% chlorone wettable powder 600 times liquid. For the control of melasma, 50% carbendazim WP can be used for spraying at the early stage of the disease. For the prevention and treatment of anthrax, 70% thiophanate-methyl wettable powder 500-600 times or 80% anthrax-flammable WP WP 800 times can be used for spraying.

X. Prevention of pests

The main pests of rapeseed are aphids, cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moths, and leaf miners. Control locusts, can be used 25% Cascade 1000 times or 50% Tuo fog 2000 times or 20% speed kill 2500 times or 2.5% fluoxetone 1800 times spray. Control cabbage Pieris, Plutella xylostella, can be sprayed with 2.5% vegetable Hi 1000 ~ 1500 times liquid or vegetable insects sweep light 1000 ~ 1500 times liquid. The suitable period for the control of leaf miners is to be carried out before the second instar of the larvae or when the length of most of the insects is less than 20 mm. In the morning or in the evening, 1.8% of Insecticide EC 2500x, or 40% CWCC 1500x is sprayed on the commonly occurring plots.

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