Pesticide additives should be used with caution

In recent years, many vegetable farmers are often used to mix pesticide additives when spraying to increase the effectiveness of vegetable disease prevention and treatment. However, not every pesticide adjuvant is suitable for all growing stages of vegetables. In this regard, the relevant experts reminded the majority of farmers, the use of pesticide additives, must pay attention to science, not blindly engaged.

Penetrating pesticide additives can not only rapidly decompose pesticides, but also promote the penetration of pesticide components into vegetable epidermal cells into the vegetable body and increase the bactericidal effect. If the vegetable farmer is controlling the night larvae of the night beetle and onion leaves in the green onion leaf, the use of permeating pesticide additives can effectively enhance the control effect. However, this pesticide adjuvant is easily penetrated into the vegetable epidermis after use, resulting in abnormal discoloration of the vegetable epidermis and affecting the sales price of the product. Furthermore, sticky pesticide adjuvants, although effective in controlling botrytis cinerea and sclerotinia, are less effective in controlling plant diseases. Therefore, vegetable farmers use a variety of pesticide additives, especially in the ripening period of vegetables, pesticide additives should be a small range of trial, try appropriate and then determine the use of large areas.

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