Silage, micro-storage and ammoniated feeds

(A) The difference between the three treatment methods

1, the processing principle, the effect is different. Silage is to maintain the nutritional characteristics of green forage in the anaerobic environment, the nutrient loss is small, especially the loss of vitamins is significantly lower than the hay and micro- and ammoniated feed. Micro-enclosed feed is through the role of micro-encapsulated bacillus, partially degrading lignin, to improve the palatability and digestibility of raw materials; ammoniated feed is through the role of ammonia to degrade cellulose; to improve the palatability and digestibility of raw materials, and increase the crude Protein content.

2, there is a difference in processing time. Silage is suitable for raw materials with moisture content of 65-70%, high or low moisture content, silage is easy to fail or the effect is very poor, so silage has a strong time limit, to be carried out in the just cutting; micro-storage, ammonia Chemicals are less demanding on raw material moisture and can be used year after year.

3, there are differences in processing methods. Silage can be added without any substance, and the cost is the lowest; microbes need to add bacteria species and corresponding auxiliary substances, but the use is rare and the cost is low; ammoniation must be provided with sufficient ammonia source, and the cost is relatively high.

(two) the correct use of the three methods

1. Legumes with less sugar, such as alfalfa, clover, soybeans, peas, potato stems and leaves, and pumpkin vines and watermelon vines with very low sugar content, in the silage or micro-storage, and sugar content Higher corn, grasses, sweet potato vines, squash, sunflowers, cabbage and other raw materials can also be mixed, and corn sugar, bran and other high-sugar ingredients can also be stored.

2. The silage, micro-storage, and ammoniated feed all have their own unique aromas. The livestock may not love to eat. When they start to use, they can feed less and gradually increase the feed intake. Generally, they will feed for 2-3 days, up to 1 week. You can eat freely.

3. Although the palatability and digestibility of the three-processed feeds are greatly improved before processing, they cannot fully meet the overall nutritional needs of the livestock. However, it is still necessary to stress the mix of feeds and add other supplements in order to achieve a good production effect. .

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