Biogas safety operation eight issues to pay attention to

With the convening of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, the development of low-carbon economy, improvement of life style, energy saving and emission reduction put on the agenda of all levels of government. In rural areas, effective use of renewable energy resources, reduction of greenhouse gas CO2 emissions, eradication of rural "three reactors" problem, completely solve the rural "dirty, chaotic, and poor", the development of biogas is imperative. In the process of construction and use of biogas, great care must be taken:
1. Work accident prevention.
2. It is forbidden to put calcium carbide, pesticides, and inhibitors (such as leeks, onions, garlic, peppers, radishes, and tomatoes, etc.) that affect fermentation of biogas into biogas digesters.
3. Prevent the pool from breaking. Biogas digesters should not be too fast or too aggressive when pressure is applied to the water, and they must be handled carefully.
4. Anti-tempered into the pool explosion. It is forbidden to open fire at the inlet and outlet of the biogas digester and the air duct.
5. Prevent burns and fires.
6. Anti-asphyxiation poisoning. Refueling or maintenance into the pool should first be put into small animals for testing.
7. After the feed starts to ferment, it is forbidden to charge the tank again.
8. Biogas feed inlet, water pressure, and lagoon must be covered to prevent people and livestock from falling into the water. Educate children not to play next to the digester and stove.

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