How to deal with gilts without estrus and repeated return

There are many factors that cause gilts not to be estrus. In addition to age, breed, and physiological anatomy, they are also related to factors such as contact with boars, labor, seasons, nutrition, management, cysts, pseudopregnancy, and pregnancy. At the same time, some infectious diseases also have these symptoms. To solve these problems, we must analyze specific issues and take corresponding measures.

Pigs with dysplastic or deformed congenital genital organs should be eliminated in time.

For nutritionally deficient pigs, dietary protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients must be added to enhance diet.

For fattened sows, they should lose weight, reduce feed or increase roughage, and feed more green feed. Adding 3% calcium chloride to the diet and feeding it for several days has a slimming effect.

Sows were injected with chorionic gonadotropin 500 units to 1000 units or maternal serum 200 units to 1000 units, and boars were induced. Can also use the synthetic product PG600 of both, the effect will be better.

Understand the immune status and infection status of some major infectious diseases in the stadium, and make a preliminary diagnosis based on the symptoms shown by other pigs. Immunize, replace the vaccine, and introduce early according to specific conditions.

Ensure that gilts are not in contact with the boar for 15 minutes per day and that boars are frequently replaced.

No estrus gilts have sun exposure or artificial lighting for 16 hours to 18 hours per day for at least 4 hours.

Adjust the diet formula so that the vitamin content in the diet is sufficient, and adjust the gilt's lyrth to be between 3 and 4.

Check for excess zearalenone in the feed to avoid false pregnancy.

For those who are estrus-quiet, it is important to be careful and at the same time pay attention to whether the pig is pregnant.

The use of PG600 and PGF2α promotes estrus, and it is mandatory to mate without estrus after 96 hours after the use of PG600.

Eliminating gilts that have abnormal physiological structures or are too large.

There are many factors that cause regrowth or repeated sympathy. According to the time of return, there are regular registration and irregular return. The reasons for regular regurgitation are anatomical abnormalities, seasonal infertility, cysts, manipulations during artificial insemination and semen quality problems, excessive use of boars at the time of crossing, long periods of no use or boar fertility, and mating procedures. There is an error; no regular return is caused by fever of any cause, infectious disease, high ambient temperature, trauma and fighting, seasonal effects, excessive feeding after mating.

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