Tips for extending the life of agricultural machinery tires

The length of service life of agricultural machinery tires has an important relationship with the operational quality, operating efficiency, and safety of agricultural machinery. Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically use and maintain agricultural machinery tires to extend their normal life span.

Scientific use of tires must first maintain proper tire pressure, and make appropriate adjustments according to the operating environment and conditions. The danger of over-low air pressure is too high, not only shorten the life, reduce operating efficiency, and even cause a tire puncture accident; Second, The correct driving operation is to achieve "six slow", six slow means: slow start, slow turn, slow brake, slow downhill, slow parking and slow road travel, try to avoid high-speed sharp turn and emergency brake; third is to maintain agricultural use Mechanical load balancing, no serious overload behavior; Fourth, timely maintenance and repair, check the tire before and after the car to check whether there are scratches, deformation, loose, stained with oil, etc., if any should be eliminated, if necessary, adjust the maintenance Repair; Fifth, scientific storage and storage of tires, try to avoid high-temperature sun exposure and oil and gas pollution, long-term parking as far as possible so that the tire does not bear a large load.

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