Is it good compound fertilizer or compound fertilizer?

There are two kinds of compound fertilizer production process: a physical mixing method called compound fertilizer; the other is a mineral containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements, formed after chemical reaction called compound fertilizer. Which is better?

Many peasant friends believe that compound fertilizers are used to distribute a variety of nutrients and use them in a better way. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Because the compound fertilizer is a mixture of various basic fertilizers, it contains a lot of nutrition. In both fertilizers, as long as the nutrient content is the same and the nutrient composition is the same, it should be said that the effect is the same.

Due to the difference in fertilizer efficiency between compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer, in 2002 the national authorities issued a new fertilizer production standard to classify compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer into a large category. In comparison, the production cost of compound fertilizers is low, as long as all kinds of basic fertilizers are prepared and blended and mixed evenly. Compound fertilizer production needs to provide certain conditions for the chemical reaction of raw materials, and then spray granulation, the cost is much higher than compound fertilizer, in the market the same nutrient content of compound fertilizer is 100 ~ higher than compound fertilizer 200 yuan/t. So in the end it is to buy compound fertilizer or buy compound fertilizer, depending on their nutrient content is not their own needs, the price is appropriate.

Expert Tip: As long as the contained nutrient is the same, compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer have little difference. When buying compound fertilizers, it mainly depends on the presence of agglomeration. Most fertilizer agglomerations have no effect on the use effect, but they have an impact on the use process. Buying compound fertilizer depends on whether or not the particle size is uniform. If it is not a uniform particle, there will be large and small particle separation during the entire transportation process.

Source: China Fertilizer Net

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