Three types of fertilizers are not suitable for fertilizer

The first category is fertilizers containing harmful ions: ammonium chloride and potassium chloride contain a large amount of chloride ions, which may be burned to burn seedlings when applied to the soil; fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate and potassium nitrate contain nitrate ions and germinate seeds. There are serious impacts, so it is not suitable for use as a fertilizer.

The second category is fertilizers containing toxic substances: urea contains about 1% of biuret, which will have toxic effects on seeds and seedlings, and urea molecules with high nitrogen content will infiltrate into the protein structure of seed proteins to denature proteins. Seeds and young roots are poisonous.

The third category is fertilizers containing volatile corrosive substances: ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia, etc., with strong volatile, easily smoked seeds and seedlings; calcium sulphate contains about 5% of free sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid, the seed germination and seedling growth will be Harmful, generally not suitable for fertilizer.

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