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Kochiae, also known as "broom grass" and "green grasshopper," is an annual herb of the family Kochia. The plant height is 50 to 100 cm. The whole grass grows in a spherical shape. Its shape is as small as P. ostracodus. Its leaf shape is slender, green, and red in autumn. Its ornamental effect is excellent. It is a finely covered plant and can be used to decorate sporadic. space. At the same time it is also one of the important summer flower beds. Its faint greenness gives people a cool feeling during the hot summer months. It can also be used to decorate the hall venues. The oil green is lovely and even chic.

Kochiae prefers sunlight, resists drought, is not tolerant to cold, and does not require strict soil requirements. It grows well in fertile loose soil and can grow normally in alkaline soils.

Kochiae commonly used seed propagation, generally in early April broadcast in open field seedbeds, germination quickly and neat; can also be used cutting propagation. After transplanting seedlings, they were planted in gardens or flower beds in early June. Because it is a direct root, colonization should be timely, otherwise the plant growth is difficult to restore. Plant spacing is generally 40 to 60 cm.

Kochia scoparia grows very strongly, and it is not required for fertilizers and waters, and management is extensive. The viewing period can be from June until the winter. As color leaf ground cover plants, they can be planted on flower borders, flower beds, or with colorful floral arrangements. In addition, because it has a certain ability to reproduce and reproduce, once planted, many years of viewing.


English name redvinespinach


Alias ​​Rouge Peas, Sky Kite, and Sunflower

Morphological characteristics Lukui is an annual herbaceous succulent herbaceous plant, likes to grow in deserted land, garden, leaves are egg-shaped, alternate, whole, stems are smooth fleshy stems, flowers are dioecious, spikes, axillary, About April to September flowering, two sepals, five corollas, fleshy, pink, purple-black berries.

Although he does not have good-looking flowers, he does not have special gestures to attract people. However, its leaves are a kind of good wild vegetable. Therefore, it is favored by people, no less than other kinds of wild flowers. However, for the editorial group of natural photo, every plant has its value. The difference between useful and useless is that people use the narrow, interest-based perspective to see the difference in the world. The phrase “all things are equal” may be difficult to achieve, but in the natural world, we hope to give you such a world.

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