Young healthy women are vulnerable to new flu

Release date: 2009-10-14

According to a report published today by the Journal of the American Medical Association, healthy young women are relatively vulnerable to the new H1N1 flu. This finding is different from children and chronic patients who are aware of the outside world.
The report of the Journal of the American Medical Association seems to remind health women that it is more necessary to inject new influenza vaccines.
The new influenza vaccine in Greater New York has been delivered to major hospitals, clinics, schools, etc. in the city. The first batch of health workers and students have begun to vaccinate.
The report examines the peak of the new flu epidemic this year, between April 16 and August 12, when 168 new influenza patients in Canada receive treatment. The average age of the sick is 32.3 years old, including 50 children.
All patients were treated in the intensive care unit, and 136 of them needed to rely on a respirator. The investigation found that after treatment, 29 people died, 21 were women, and 4 were children. Among them, 24 people died within 28 days after the onset of illness.
The Star-Ledger quoted Anand Kuma, an associate professor at the University of Medicine And Dentistry of New Jersey, as saying that the outside world has been questioning the flu vaccine, in fact, even for healthy people. May also be sick.
John W. Sensakovic, chief executive of the medical education center at Saint Michael's Medical Center in Newark, also believes that vaccinating non-elderly people will be catastrophic this fall. A challenge.
Sensakovic also found that although men and women are almost at the same risk, in terms of new influenza, women need hospitalization more than men.

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