One orchid

A leaf orchid, also known as spider aphid, is also a lily family. The main cultivars are: variegated leaves, blue leaves and white patches; golden lines, blue leaves, and white or yellow lines.

Morphology and habits: A leaf orchid is perennial green grass, rhizomes rough. Leaves basal, hard, base narrow guttered, long petiole, leaf length up to 70 cm. Flowers solitary, short stems, close to the ground, flower diameter of about 2.5 cm, brown purple, flowering April - May. A Yelan leaf has a dark green color and a unique leaf shape. It is an excellent leaf and modeling material for indoor potted plants and flower arrangements. One leaf orchid is native to China's Hainan Island and Taiwan. Sexual warmth, dampness, poor tolerance, not cold, hi loose, fertile, well-drained sandy loam.

Breeding and Cultivation: Breeding mainly by ramets, can be combined with soil replacement in the spring, the lush clusters of plants will be divided into 2 - 3 leaf cluster planting. In the growing season, sufficient water is needed, the cultivation environment needs to be damp, the summer needs to be maintained under the arbor, and in the winter, it can be safely overwintered above 0°C. Nitrogen fertilization is the main method of fertilization. Thin liquid fertilizer can be applied twice a month. A leaf blue is more resistant to insects and waterlogging.

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