Stone Crab

English name: Charybdis (Charybdis) natator
Common name: Shan Swishi Outline: The origin and production period of the crab crab family:
Distributed in China (Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Taiwan), Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Madagascar and East Africa. Inhabits sandy or muddy seabed.
Head breastplate uplift, densely covered with hairs, scalp surface of head thoracic near the base of the front teeth; granular ridges of varying lengths at the back of the cephalothorax; front teeth with 6 teeth, centered 4 teeth of similar size, leading edge blunt The front side edge has 6 teeth, the first tooth end is blunt, the second to fourth teeth are similar in size, the tip is sharp, and the end tooth is punctured; the trailing edge and the posterior edge are both granular ridges. The chelipeds are stout and inequality. The surfaces of the wrist and the palm joint have flattened particles; the back of the palm segment has 5 spines, and the particles on the inner and outer sides are arranged in columns.
Body color:
There is a red mottle on the brown cloth of the head breast, and the cheeks are generally bright red.
Target body length:
The male head breastplate is 69.0 millimeters long and has a width of 103.0 millimeters.

Pain Relief Patch For Breast
[Name] Medical Cold Patch
[Package Dimension] 10 round pieces
The Pain Relief Patch is composed of three layers, namely, backing lining, middle gel and protective film. It is free from pharmacological, immunological or metabolic ingredients.
[Scope of Application] For cold physiotherapy, closed soft tissue only.
The patches give fast acting pain relief for breast hyperplasia, breast fibroids, mastitis, breast agglomera tion, swollen pain.
[How To Use a Patch]
Please follow the Schematic Diagram. One piece, one time.
The curing effect of each piece can last for 6-8 hours.
Do not apply the patch on the problematic skin, such as wounds, eczema, dermatitis,or in the eyes. People allergic to herbs and the pregnant are advised not to use the medication. If swelling or irritation occurs, please stop using and if any of these effects persist or worsen.notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Children using the patch must be supervised by adults.
[Storage Conditions]
 Store below 30c in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Pain Relief Patch For Breast

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