Bear boy (Figure)

Xiong Tongzi is a genus of sedum and silver bantam, native to Namibia in Africa. It is a small, succulent plant with erect stems and many branches. The plants are about 15 cm tall. The leaves are fleshy, spoon-shaped, densely covered with white fluff, and the lower part is full, with brown teeth on the ends of the leaves. It looks like the foot of a bear, and it is lovely. Bear boy elegant body shape, strange and beautiful, can be used as a small indoor pot. Xiong Tongzi warm and dry and sunny environment. It is advisable to use fertile, loose sandy loam soil with little or no fertilization. When just potting or changing pots, watering should not be enough to keep it slightly dry. Resist drought, not wet. If the basin soil is too wet or too dry, it will cause the atrophy and shedding of the base leaves, which will affect the ornamental effect. The growth period should be full of sunlight, and summer should be shaded properly, but it is too shady, the stems and leaves are weak, and the fluff is lack of luster. Not cold, winter indoor maintenance, should be placed in front of a sunny window, the temperature of not less than 10 °C.

Propagation is mainly done by cuttings. In the growing period, the cuttings with short stem segments and thick leaves were selected and were 5 cm to 7 cm in length, with the top stem segments being the best. Cut the mouth a little bit dry and then insert the sand bed. After about 20 days to 25 days, the roots can be planted and the plants can be planted in 30 days. Single-leaf cuttings can also be used. The thick and plump leaves are placed flat on the sand basin and the stems of the leaves are pressed firmly. About 25 days to 30 days can be rooted, and gradually grow small plants.

The disease has wilting and leaf spot hazards and is sprayed with 50% Kedemane 800 times. Insect pests are harmed by scale insects and whiteflies and can be sprayed with 40% omethoate EC 1000 times.

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