Single garlic blue (Figure)

The single garlic orchid should be regarded as a native orchid in China. There are about 16 species in the whole clove, and 15 species are distributed in China. In China, we can find traces of clove plants from Taiwan to Tibet. Although the homeland of Duanlanlan is in China and in some neighboring countries, Duanlanlan is also very favored in European and American countries. Probably because Westerners first discovered that the only garlic orchid is in Nepal, and its flowers are somewhat like crocuses. Therefore, in English, the single garlic orchid is called “Napalese crocuses”; in English, It also has a name called "window-sill orchids". This is presumably because it is easy to grow garlic and it is often placed on the windows of ordinary homes. In addition, there are other names such as "Peacock Orchid". In the West, there are quite a few “fans” who grow garlic alone. They have collected a large number of garlic varieties. The famous Chelsea Flower Show in the United Kingdom has awarded awards for the outstanding exclusive garlic orchid varieties. Recently, the British Royal Botanical Garden-Kew Garden scholars also published a monograph on exclusive garlic orchids. It can be seen that this oriental orchid has already had considerable influence in the West. When a single garlic orchid blooms, a leaf grows next to the flower and is therefore called a leaf orchid. The name of the single garlic orchid comes from its pseudobulb shaped like a garlic head. The only plant of the genus Allium is blue, usually grown under a forest above 900 meters above sea level. The plant height is 10-25 centimeters. Its flowers resemble Cartland. The colors are very rich, and the variety is also very good. It is a good small scale. Potted flowers. It is worth mentioning that the pseudobulb, the "garlic head" of the allium clove only has medicinal herbs and has the function of detoxification.

Sweetener Solutions
Usually, the high-intensity Sweeteners do not use singly. In order to get better taste, sweeteners sometimes are used as Mixture Sweetener in the food. We also provide professional Sweetener solutions and various customized services. According to customers` requirement, no matter in design, research or production, we are committed to creating a new experience of sweetness and healthiness for consumer with you. In fact, sweetener blends are good choice once you have problem by using single sweetener, they have more advantages, and like blends of Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium can improve the sweetness level and our Neotame based blends can save more production cost.

NovoSweet solutions will help you to rearrange the formula, to ensure it meets the requirements of you and your customers. It will bring you a more delicious product, and make you become more competitive.

Sweetener Solutions


Sweetener Solutions

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