Mulberry feed chicken good taste

It is generally felt that the meat quality and aroma of captive broilers have become increasingly faint, and the Hokkaido Institute of Poultry Breeding in Japan has tested a new method to overcome this shortcoming. This is to feed broilers with mulberry leaves. The experiment showed that: The broilers given around the pens had 3% of the mulberry powder in the feed. Compared with the broilers without mulberry leaves, the meat had a finer, more savory flavor and a good taste. By measuring the concentration of ammonia in fermented chicken manure, the ammonia concentration of mulberry leaves dropped from 40 mg/kg to 30 mg/kg, and the odor was significantly reduced. In summary, the addition of 3% mulberry leaves to the broiler diet can significantly increase the broiler's meat aroma and quality while reducing the odor concentration in the chicken house.

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