Burst corn processing technology

First, equipment and operation

1. Factory production. Large quantities of the most produced popcorn must use special equipment. Mainly popcorn machines, packaging sealing machines, workshops, power and other conditions. There are domestic and imported popcorn machine, according to the production of different specifications and styles. The mechanical structure consists of a pan body, an automatic mixing system, an automatic temperature control system, and lighting and lighting. Easy to operate, turn on the power, wait until the pot body reaches temperature (about 180°C), place the oil and other seasonings first, add the corn, and place the sugar. Under the action of an automatic stirrer, the corn is automatically popped for 3 minutes after being evenly heated, and can be packed into the storage after a short time of cooling after the explosion.

2. Microcomputer family production. Popcorn machines for household use are small in size, light in weight and easy to use and can be used in stall business.

3. The kitchen is simple to make. Use a thicker wok or aluminum pan, heat it first, add cooking oil, corn, and finally add sugar. Shaking with heat while heating, the corn is heated evenly, and bursting begins 1 to 2 minutes later. When only the sporadic bursts of flowers burst, the popcorn will be poured out and eaten after a while, each time you put 50 to 100 grams of corn. The ratio of oil, sugar and corn is 1:1:5.

Second, the process and formula

Burst popcorn varieties dozens of species, with the characteristics of fragrant, sweet, crisp, crisp, compared with ordinary popcorn, no skin, no pollution, high nutritional value. Different raw material recipes have different flavors. In terms of raw materials, there are natural, sweet, salty, creamy, chocolate, and spicy types. The preparation method is as follows:

1. Savoury popcorn. Emulsion formulation (weight ratio): 50% to 60% of fats and oils, 7% to 12% of lipophilic surfactants, 5% to 10% of water, 20% to 30% of salt, corn and milk poured into pan When the flower bursts, the emulsion will stick evenly to the surface of the popcorn. The ratio of emulsion to corn is 20-40 grams per 100 grams of corn plus emulsion.

2. Sweet popcorn. The formula is: oil 15% to 35%, water 8% to 10%, sugar 45% to 70%, lipophilic surfactant 6.5% to 8%. Salty popcorn recipes can also be changed to 30% to 35% sugar. The corn to emulsion ratio is 100 grams of corn plus 50 grams of emulsion.

3. Cheese popcorn. Emulsion formulations for cheese 20% to 30%, surfactants 0.5% to 5%, oil 40% to 60%, salt 8% to 15%, water 6% to 22%. 70-80 grams of milk per 100 grams of corn.

4. Popcorn stained. The oil is heated first and then sugar or honey is added to make the liquid syrup. The temperature of the syrup is 82-104°C. When the corn is added, the corn is covered with syrup to become popcorn. The ratio of various materials is 100 to 200 grams of oil, 220 to 280 grams of sugar or syrup, and 120 to 140 grams of corn. According to people's tastes, according to the law to add a variety of seasonings, random production.

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