Bitter gourd pays attention to "two diseases"

First, powdery mildew: During the flowering period, it is easy to get the disease. The leaves are first covered with white powder, and gradually make the leaves chlorotic yellow, leading to premature aging of plants, malformed baby, so that the quality and yield significantly reduced. When the white powder just appeared, the following three agents can be used for prevention and treatment. 1, konozol aqueous solution 1500 times. 2, triadimefon solution 1000 times. 3, sulfur suspension solution 600 times. Spray once every 7-10 days and spray two or three times to suppress powdery mildew.

Second, the virus disease: the disease specifically damage the seedlings and plants just flowering results, first make the growth point shrink, then curl the leaves, and finally make the plant longer and smaller, resulting in withered to death, so should be found when the leaves just curled, One of the following three pesticides can be sprayed: 1. 600 times the plant virus vaccine solution; 2. 600 times the plant's auxin solution; 3. 800 times the virus A solution; spray once every 7-10 days. Two or three times, you can prevent the occurrence of viral diseases.

Name:Hollow Pullulan Capsule

Major components:Pullulan and purified water

Character:The product is cylindrical and is made of two hard and elastic empty sacs made up of two sets of cap and body. The bag is smooth, uniform in color, smooth in incision, free of deformation, non-toxic and harmless, and is no odor

Pullulan: It is a natural extracts involving no toxic chemicals and edible, bland and tasteless organic.The chief commercial use of pullulan is in the manufacture of edible films.It is known by the E number E1204,as a food additive. 

Function:  Used for containing solid drugs. Isolation of herbs


Store:Keep in a cool, dry, airtight place

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Size 2 Pullulan Empty Capsules

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