Fruit and sweetening secret recipe

Fruits and sweeteners have secret recipes. When consumers buy fruits, they like to look good and tasty, but many fruits and vegetables “appear to be like flowers and eat like wood residue”. The reasons for the unsweetened fruits and vegetables are that, besides the degeneration of crop varieties and the early harvesting by farmers in order to grab a good price, the most important is the excessive use of ethylene ripening agents, swelling agents and other dangerous chemicals, resulting in the above phenomenon.
The golden baby bio-sweetening spirit (also known as bio-sweetening coloring agent) is a fruit and vegetable product with high appearance and inherent quality requirements. It adopts high technologies such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea, and is specially selected, purified, and rejuvenated. , The formation of "enzyme bacteria" rich in dozens of beneficial microorganisms. These beneficial microbial flora produce various types of enzymes (eg, amylases, proteases, lipases, lactic enzymes), vitamins, nucleic acids, and Trace elements and a large number of other active substances. The foliar spray of these metabolites can quickly supplement the various nutrients required in the plant and overcome the conditions of photosynthesis such as low temperature and weak light, which have already stopped or greatly weakened “photosynthesis” in other crops. (Photosynthesis is an important means by which crops convert light energy into nutrients such as "glucose.") Crops that have been administered with the Kumquat biosweetener can be carried out as usual or over time, so that the total duration or total intensity of photosynthesis is not applied. This product is several times the same condition as the crop. The crops that have undergone the Ginba biological sweetening spirit can significantly prevent flowering and fruit drop, promote fruit enlargement, prevent cracking, greatly improve the appearance and intrinsic quality of the fruit, and increase the sweetness, taste and flavor.
Put 10 yuan, increase income of 1,000 yuan, not myth is true! The fruits and vegetables that have undergone the Ginba bio-increasing spirit have been greatly improved because of their endoplasmic appearance, and are generally one or two grades higher than the selling price of similar products. For example, watermelons in one mu of land, if the yield per mu is 10,000 pounds, the general purchasing price is 0.2 yuan. , Shi Jinbao biological sweetening spirit can sell 0.3 yuan, plus a lot of defective fruit, the average income per mu can be more than 1,000 yuan. Other agricultural products with high economic value have more than doubled their economic benefits.

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