Crayfish pond polyculture squid technology

Freshwater crayfish pond polyculture cod can fully utilize the water body space and the natural feed biological resources of the water body. Without affecting the production of freshwater crayfish, it can increase the yield of sturgeon by 10-20 kg per mu, and increase the profit by 300 yuan per mu. the above. The polyculture technical points are introduced as follows.

1. Pond Requirements: The area of ​​the pond of freshwater crayfish in polyculture should not be too large, and the water should not be too shallow. It requires rich aquatic plants and natural feed. The general pond area is 20-30 mu, the water depth is 1.5-2.5 meters, and 40-60 mu is surrounded by large water surface, and the water depth is 1-1.5 meters.

2, carp stocking: polyculture carp, should use large eyes, Alice mouth and other varieties. Put 20-40 pieces of carp seedlings 4-6 cm long per acre and stocking time is appropriate in May.

3, water quality management: squid dissolving oxygen requirements of the water body is higher, when the dissolved oxygen in the water is lower than 4 mg / liter, it will lead to Pan Tong death. Mackerel growth season requires a new water change every 10-15 days, each time changing the water 20-30 cm, conditional ponds should be kept microfluidic state. When changing the water, replace the bottom water as much as possible, so that the entire water body is in an oxygen-rich state, which is conducive to the growth of freshwater crayfish clams and squid. In the middle and later stages of large-surface net enclosures, if aquatic weeds are too dense, several waterways can be used to increase the water-receiving area and the wind-receiving area.

4. Feed supplement fish: freshwater crayfish pond polyculture carp, freshwater crayfish fed in the normal way. During the aquaculture process, if the size of the carp is found to be too small, or there is a phenomenon that the groups of carp are chasing the feed fish, it means that the feed fish in the pond is insufficient and should be added in time. Feed fish species are mainly squid, grass carp, and heterotrophic silver carp. The specifications are about one-third of the body length of the carp, and the amount of recharge is 2-3 times of the total weight of the carp. Generally, the amount is 10-15 days. 1 time. In order to make up for the lack of natural feed in crayfish ponds, some caviar-preserved shrimps, cod fishes and summer fishes can be placed in the freshwater crayfish ponds beforehand to allow them to naturally breed in freshwater crayfish ponds. Eel feeding.

5. Use insecticides with caution: Squid and freshwater crayfish are more sensitive to trichlorfon and other organophosphorus insecticides and should be used with caution in the culture process.

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