Melon downy mildew prevention and control method

Downy mildew is an important disease of melons and can infect cucumbers, zucchini, loofah, melon, bitter gourd, white melon, pumpkin, melon and other melon crops. The pathogen is a variety of fungi belonging to the fungi of the family Aspergillus, which mainly damage the leaves. The onset of disease begins with the lower part of the lower leaves, and it can be infected from the seedling stage to the harvesting stage. The initial lesion was a water-stained, light-yellow dot with no obvious edges. After a long period of time, when the humidity in the back part of the disease was high or there was dew, a white to grayish mold layer grew. The lesions are limited by the veins forming a polygon. When the lesions are severe, the lesions are connected together and the diseased leaves become fire-like. Failure to prevent and control in time can lead to premature plant failure and severely affect yield.

The prevalence of downy mildew is closely related to temperature and humidity, especially humidity. It is easy to start from the white dew in the spring when the temperature is slightly lower (15-20 °C) but it is cold or warm or the temperature difference between day and night is big, rainy and humid. The epidemic occurred. After planting, watering is too much or the land is sticky, the land is low, and the disease is serious when the drainage is poor.

Prevention of downy mildew in addition to the selection of disease resistant varieties (eg, Early Green No.1, No.2, Xiaqing No.3, No.4 cucumber, Jinyan No.2, No.5, No.6, No.7 cucumber, Jinza No.1, No.2 No. 3, No. 3 cucumber, Zhongnong No. 5 cucumber, etc.). There are two main types of chemical agents for the control of downy mildew: one is the protective bactericides such as Bordeaux mixture, copper oxychloride, zein zinc, mancozeb, chlorothalonil, etc. The main role of these fungicides is Kill the surface bacteria to prevent the invasion of bacteria, but the effect on the bacteria that have invaded the plant is poor; the other is the systemic fungicide such as Jin Lei Duo Mi, anti-virus, etc. This type of fungicide can be absorbed by the plant body, is It has the dual effects of preventing disease and treating diseases and inhibits and kills pathogens that have invaded plants. Therefore, before the onset of the disease or at the early stage of the disease, 75% of the protective fungicides of diclofenac WP can be sprayed with 600 times; from the beginning of the disease, 58% of the systemic bactericide is sprayed by the radome irrigating agent. 600-800 times the liquid agent or gold mine more than 600-800 times liquid; 64% anti-virus WP WP 600 times; 25% amisetita suspension 2000 times, the above pesticides are used alternately every 7-10 days Spray 1 time, 2-3 times in a row.

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