How to breed goose

General goose 5 months of age, goose 7 months to 8 months of age, sexual maturity, but the normal breeding as a species, should be selected around the age of 12 months to stay in early spring hatched geese, to open in the autumn, can guarantee the egg Reaching the variety standards can also increase the fertilization rate of eggs. The proportion of males and females that are naturally mated is 1:6-7 for small breeds, 1:5-6 for medium breeds, 1:4-5 for large breeds, and 1:15-20 for artificial inseminations. The age of geese is generally 3 to 4 years.

Natural breeding

Natural breeding can be carried out on land and in water, but geese have the habit of mating on the water, and their fertilization rate is higher than on land. Therefore, breeding geese farms must have clean swimming areas. Single gosling male geese should be placed in the breeding after the majority of the goose laying, and appropriate extension of the breeding interval (each breeding goose every 5 days is appropriate), can improve the quality of breeding, reduce the number of male geese, reduce manufacturing cost. Before 9 o'clock in the morning, when the male geese were most sexually active, the keepers squatted on the left side of the goose, grasped both legs of the gosling with their hands, and secured them to prevent swinging from side to side during mating. The goose will jump to the back of the female goose and use it to hold the feather on the head of the female goose. The tail is pressed forward and downward. The goose's tail is upturned. The goose's penis is inserted into the goose's vagina and ejaculates. At this time, The gentle press of the goose's tail can deepen the site of ejaculation and increase the fertilization rate. After the male geese ejaculate has left, the breeder should quickly press the goose cloaca up and around it to prevent semen from flowing out of the cloaca.

Artificial insemination

In order to increase the utilization rate of breeding geese and reduce the number of breeding goslings, artificial insemination can be used.

Semen goose and female goslings should be raised separately and feathers around the cloaca should be cut to prevent semen contamination. Goose picking can be done using back-to-back massage. The assistant holds the male goose's feet and sits in front of the picker's right hand. The male goose is placed on the lap, and the tail is outward and the head is clamped under the left arm. The left hand palm of the spermacle is pressed down against the back of the male goose and massaged in the direction of the tail (general massage 4 to 5 times). At the same time, hold the cloacal massage with the right thumb and the other four fingers and rub it to the muscle around the cloaca. Congestion and swelling, feeling outburst, change the massage technique, with the left hand and right thumb, index finger cling to the left and right sides of the cloacal cavity, in the upper cloacal gently rhythmically squeezed to the penis erection. At the end of the extrusion, the right thumb and forefinger pressed the upper part of the cloaca ring, the middle finger against the base of the penis, and the spermatic groove was completely closed, and the semen was drained from the top of the penis along the fine groove. At the same time, the assistant closes the cloaca and closes the cloaca. When the penis is erected and eversioned, it is naturally inserted into the ejaculation cup. The average male goose is 0.25 ml to 0.45 ml per time. For geese with strong desires, a simple method of extracting sperm can be used. The right hand of the sperm extractor is placed between the male and female goose cloacas. When the goose goes out of the penis, the left hand will collect a fine cup or 5 ml to 10 ml beaker. Close to the cloac of the goose, use your right hand to gently introduce the penis that has been extended into the cup to ejaculate inside the cup.

After the collected semen is normalized by microscopic examination, the spermatozoa dilution is diluted by equal or multiple amounts according to the sperm concentration and viability. General ejaculate can be used 0.9% sodium chloride saline (normal saline), other commonly used diluent formulations: 1 sodium chloride 0.65 grams, 0.02 grams of potassium chloride, calcium chloride 0.02 grams, plus 100 ml of distilled water; 2 sodium glycinate 1.67 grams, 0.67 grams of sodium citrate, 0.31 grams of glucose, plus 100 milliliters of distilled water. Attention should be paid to insulation during winter harvesting to shorten the operation time so as to ensure the quality of semen.

During insemination, the female goose is fixed on the fertilization table (stool), and the cloacae face outwards. Wipe the anus around with a saline cotton ball. The thumb of the left hand is close to the lower edge of the cloaca and pressed down gently to open it. , Insert the spermatozoa with diluted sperm into a depth of 5 cm to 6 cm, then relax the left hand and the right hand to input the semen in the sperm. The insemination time is generally around 4 am in the morning, and each goose loses 5 to 6 days and loses 0.1 ml each time. When the first insemination occurs, the amount of insemination doubled, and the fertilization rate increased to more than 90%.

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