Bitter gourd deep processing method

First, bitter gourd tea

The bitter gourd was washed, the seeds were cut longitudinally, washed and cut into 5-15 mm slices. Dry with hot air dryer, the temperature is 40-120 °C. It can also be naturally dried. The bitter gourd slices are laid on the net and dried in the sun for about 3 days. The weight is reduced to 5-10% of the freshly cut weight. The dried semi-finished products are laid on a 70-120 DEG C iron plate to gradually bake. .

Second, low sugar bitter gourd preserves

Wash the bitter gourd, cut it, remove it, cut it into 1cm 3cm strips, soak it in 0.5% sodium chloride for 6-8 hours, or soak it in 15% lime water for 4 hours and wash it with water. net. Put the melon embryos in 0.008% copper acetate and 0.2% sodium carbonate color protection solution, heat for 3-5 minutes at 100°C, blanch until the tissue is clear, and remove for cooling in clear water. The melon blank is placed in a 0.5% sodium alginate solution for 20-30 hours. The white granulated sugar and the starch syrup were blended into a 40% sugar solution at a mass ratio of 1:1, and 0.5% citric acid and 0.1% sodium sulfite were added. After filtering with 4 layers of gauze, the melon lumps were soaked in the sugar solution. 25- 30 hours. Then cook at a vacuum of 85-88 kPa and a temperature of 50-60°C. Remove the drained sugar liquid, spread in the baking tray, and send it to the oven for baking. The temperature is 60-70°C. Bake until the sticky hands are translucent. Take out the package.

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