Microbial fertilizer (good price, grab a good time)

Microbial fertilizer (good price, grab a good time)
Mr. Ma, a young farmer in Longxingchang Township, Wuyuan County, has a very good income from using jinbao. His melons and tomatoes are 10-15 days longer than those of other people, and their quality has been greatly improved. They are welcomed by customers. Only the morning market and changing the melon flavor will increase the sales revenue by 500-600 yuan per mu. In 2008, the tomato was listed by the factory in the first household of Wuyuan. Why does Kingfish Bacterium have the effect of enabling tomatoes to be listed in advance? The original gold treasure bacteria fertilizer contains a comprehensive nutrients such as the constant elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements, amino acids, so that what nutrients the crop needs to absorb any nutrients, do not have to wait and do not use the temporary synthesis of the soil, so fast growth, the natural fruit is also mature Fast, can morning city.

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