Winter brooding beware of harmful gases

In winter brooding, in order to keep the chicken house warm, stoves are often used for heating. In addition, it is easy to ferment fermented grass and excrement in chicken coops. It is easy to produce large amounts of harmful gases such as ammonia, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide, which can easily cause poisoning in chicks. Hereby, the author proposes the following four solutions:

1, the breeding density should be reasonable. Under normal circumstances, the breeding density of 0 to 6 weeks old chicks is preferably 22 to 27/m2.

2, the environment should be clean. The chicken house should be provided with a good manure removal device and an exhaust ventilation system. The exhaust pipe inner port should be set lower. Check heating facilities frequently to prevent clogging of the vents. Remove excrement, litter, feed residue, and sewage in a timely manner. Always replace the litter and keep the house dry and hygienic.

3. The hen house humidity should be controlled. The relative humidity should be maintained at about 60% to 65% for 10 days before brooding and about 54% to 58% after 10 days.

4, auxiliary drugs to use. Some superphosphate can be sprinkled in the house, or 1% sodium bicarbonate solution can be regularly sprayed on the walls and ceiling to neutralize ammonia and other harmful gases.

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