Bees have many benefits in the autumn

After many years of practice, there are many benefits to the king in the autumn. First, it is beneficial to increase economic efficiency. In the past, it was customary to cultivate new kings in the spring and cultivate a king. Usually, you need to have a 1-2 frame with a bee out of the spleen and a medium bee farm. To breed 30 kings, it is necessary to propose 30-60 box bees in the basic group. At this time, it is an important moment to collect rapeseed honey and produce royal jelly. Once there are dozens of boxes of bees, the population potential of the production group will be greatly reduced, and the number of bees will decrease. The income of bee products; Second, it can replace the old king and increase wintering bee. The spring king has been exhausted after years of spawning. Therefore, as soon as the temperature in early winter has fallen, the enthusiasm for spawning has declined, and the egg ring shrinks, and some have even stopped production. With the replacement of the new kings that were bred in the early fall, the new king's positive youthful growth period, high enthusiasm for spawning, large egg circles, strong cold resistance, and late winter production can greatly promote the breeding of winter bees; Third, it is possible to organize double king spring propagation and accelerate the development of strong groups. Most bee farms, after one year of production, can only reproduce with a single king during spring propagation, greatly accelerating the breeding speed and forming strong groups in advance. This will not only produce the royal jelly in advance, but also catch up with the flowering period of rape; Fourth, it can reduce the production of bee heat and help maintain strong groups. At the end of spring each year, when the bees are breeding to the top, there will be bee-bee fever - collecting bees and eliminating workers, spawning of bees will be reduced, and the development of bees' ovaries will occur. However, the King of the Autumn only produced several generations after the king stopped production and was still physically young. Therefore, the queen's substance was secreted more, and the bee's concept was less, which was conducive to maintaining a strong group momentum and avoiding the loss caused by the separation of bees and heat. Yield. To cultivate the King of Autumn, we must take appropriate measures. First of all, the king should be suitable in time. Prematurely cultivating the king, the temperature is still high, the outside source of honey is less, and the quality of the new king bred is poor. Too late, the temperature dropped, drones decreased, and the success rate of copulation was low. According to practical experience,
From the beginning of September to the end of October, the best time. At this time, the temperature is suitable, and the average daily temperature is generally 15-20°C, which is similar to the early spring temperature. Moreover, the sunny day is more than spring, which is beneficial to the queen's wedding fly and mating; at the same time, the outside source of honey is also more abundant. Therefore, at this time, nourishing the king, not only the quality of the queen bee, but also a high success rate. Secondly, Yuwang Qun should select royal beasts with high yield, strong fertility, good disease resistance and resilience, and at the same time plan to cultivate drones. Kill drones of low-yielding groups to improve the quality of the father. Yu Wang Wutai should be double-shifted - Wang Taizhong moved into the larvae 24 hours after the clamped re-transplantation larvae. In this way, royal jelly in Wangtai is more nutritious and conducive to the innate development of the king. In the Yuwang group to add nutrition. In the night of the broadcast of the king's box, nightly feeds are fed with sugar. The amount of Vb, Vc, and protein (such as yeast tablets) added to the sugar liquid is always fed to the seal of Wangtai so that the Yuwang group has abundant and sufficient nutrition to ensure the robust development of the queen bee. Third, the Yuwang group must eliminate bees. Insufficient efforts were made to infiltrate the royal family into Wangtai and absorb nutrients, resulting in insufficient nutrition of the queen bee, thin individuals, and even the queen bee without wings and limbs. If the king of the Camellia flow during the honey, you should add acid feed to neutralize the alkaloids in Camellia.

 ETR Nurse Call System 

ETR Medical Nurse Calling System is designed for providing the communication between patients in wards and medical personnel in nurses offices in case of any peculiar conditions in hospitals. With cast-into-once deluxe plastic master telephone hosing, innovative summary fixed mode, complete information electronic summary and audio number reporting system,it has higher performance-cost ration than those products of the same variety. So far, two-wire and four-wire systems are available.

It consists of host,bed extension, corridor display, door lamp, secondary host as well as optional modules (including music, bathroom extension) for realizing some peculiar functions.

Superiority of Hospital Nurse Calling System:

Select-able: More beds quantity choices: 30, 50, 70, 110 beds.

Precision: Simultaneous calling of multiple extensions without omission. 
Credibility: ETR nurse call system provides reliable solutions for a wide range of customers including hospitals, care groups, health recovery center, nursing and residential homes.

Warranty: We offer a full year`s warranty, on going maintenance and provide the installation on-site if required.

Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System

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