Caifeng Pineapple Cultivation and Management

Pineapple (Neoregelia carolinae) also known as the red cup of pineapple, glamorous shame pineapple, colorful pineapple. Bromeliadaceae, Bromeliad. Native to Brazil.

Morphological characteristics: Evergreen perennial wood plants. Ye Changcong produces rosettes. Plant height 20 cm, the base even into a tube. Leaves green, leaves lanceolate, leaves 20 to 30 cm long, 3 to 3.5 cm wide. The edges are fine-toothed and bright green. In the near flowering period, the middle leaves are red or lavender, and the most central ones are the most brilliant. Inflorescences with bright red sepals, flowers are blue-purple, with white borders, and flowering from 2 to 3 flowers each morning, withered the next day. Can keep watch for 2 to 3 months.

The main varieties are: N. c. 'Tricolor', the color of the adult plant leaves with pink spots and yellow-white vertical stripes in the center of the green leaves. It blooms in summer, and the base of the plant turns red as it approaches flowering. It is one of the most popular ornamental flowers in recent years at home and abroad.

Habits: sex hi warm, moist and semi-negative environment. The requirement for soil quality is not high, and the loose mixed soil based on rot leaf soil is better, and calcium soil is avoided.

Cultivation Management: The color of pineapple is more shade-tolerant and can be placed anywhere in the room. If it is used for breeding, it needs to be placed in a place where the light is good but there is no direct light. The color of the leaves is brighter when the sunlight is strong. Suitable growth temperature is 20 ~ 25 °C, winter temperature below 15 °C to stop growing, the temperature is too low, less than 10 °C, susceptible to freezing damage. In summer, higher humidity is required. In winter, the humidity may be slightly lower, and it must reach about 50%. During the dry season and summer, the water should be sprayed regularly and the soil should be kept moist. From spring to autumn, the water should always be filled with water, and the bottom of the winter leaf cylinder should be kept moist. When the temperature is lower than 15°C, the water spray should be stopped. Avoid too wet or water in the basin, otherwise it is easy to rot. During the growing season, that is, the spring, summer and autumn seasons, the liquid fertilizer is applied once every two weeks, and foliar fertilizer can also be applied. The fertilizer concentration is 1/2 of the root fertilization depth. Before the flowering, one additional phosphate fertilizer should be added to make it more colorful. After the flowering, control the watering and stop the fertilization. After the flowering, the old strain gradually withered. After the second spring replacement, the dry strains were cut off to facilitate the renewal. The requirement for soil quality is not high, and the loose mixed soil based on rot leaf soil is better, and calcium soil is avoided. Moss, fern roots, and bark etc. are used as potted substrates in greenhouse cultivation. The loose rot of leafy soil and peat pot pots at the bottom of 1/4 to 1/3 depth should be filled with granular broken bricks and other materials. Lee drainage. There is no obvious period of dormancy, as long as the environmental conditions are appropriate, it can grow throughout the year. Change the basin every spring.

Breeding: It can be propagated in tillers. The best time is to combine spring and change basins. After flowering, the old strains decay, divide the lateral buds and shoots, place the pots, place in a warm and humid place, shade, keep the temperature at 25°C, take root quickly, and gradually increase the light intensity after growth to make them grow steadily. . This method has a small propagation coefficient and has now been rapidly propagated by tissue culture.

Diseases and Insect Pests: When the cultivation is not properly managed, the plant growth is weak, and it is vulnerable to harm by scale insects and thrips. Too much water or too cold water can easily make the plant rot.

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