Feeding value of clover

Red and white clover are excellent under the grass, regeneration ability, able to bear frequent grazing and heavy animal husbandry. Mu produce fresh grass 3000-4000kg. Its grass is soft, rich in leaves, excellent palatability, nutritional value is the crown of legumes. The dry matter contained crude protein 28.7%, fat 3.4% soluble carbohydrates 40.4%, minerals 28.7%, calcium 0.9%, and phosphorus 0.3%. Relatively speaking, the red and white clover are lower because of the low grass layer, and the dry matter yield per unit area is also relatively low. Therefore, the pasture that is often mixed with the gramineous pastures and is most suitable for mixed sowing is the perennial ryegrass grazing pasture. In mixed-sowing grassland, the important value of red and white clover is not only the contribution to the nutritional value and yield of forage grass in grassland, but also can quickly occupy space to prevent the invasion and development of weeds and maintain the good condition of grassland. Through biological nitrogen fixation to improve soil nitrogen supply, promote the growth of high-yielding grass forage.

Red Kidney Beans

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