Scientists have successfully developed a heart-reading device

According to the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao report on the 4th, airports around the world may no longer rely on metal detectors for security inspections, because several security inspection companies in Israel have jointly developed a comprehensive security inspection system to analyze passenger psychology anytime and anywhere. . Among them, the "brain scanner" can detect whether the passenger's emotions are stable; the foot detector can detect the suspicious characters of the whereabouts of the ghosts; the "smart chair" can detect whether the passengers are restless or uncomfortable.
Security experts pointed out that the focus of airport security inspections is shifting from analyzing passengers' personal belongings to analyzing passenger psychology and emotions. A number of Israeli technology companies are developing inspection systems to detect signs of emotional stress on passengers (which are sufficient to reflect passengers' attempts to conduct terrorist activities). Omar-Laviff, CEO of Israel security technology company ATHENA GS3, said that the security checker functions like a brain scan, which is far more advanced than imagination.
Israel WeCU Technology (We See You, we see you) combines infrared technology, remote sensor, remote imager and flashing image submarine technology (such as the image of a bin Laden image that flashes fast and invisible to the passengers) Subconsciously, an advanced security system has been developed to analyze the response of passengers to specific stimuli based on their body temperature, heart rate and breathing rate; his intentions will be in these data when the terrorist is ready to launch an attack. Exposed.
The so-called "brain scan" inspection is fast and rigorous, and WeCU CEO Ehud Gijon expects future passengers to easily pass the checkpoint in two or thirty seconds. He also said that if the automatic inspection system is available, passengers will not be aware of when they have been tested.
Gijon explained that checking the stimuli in the system would cause the passengers to unconsciously provide their biometric data to the sensor. It is said that such inspections will not only take less time, but also will not infringe the privacy of passengers, and it is expected to promote the efficiency of the airport processing boarding procedures.
The other two types of security features of the WeCU's sinister WeCU are called "smart mats" and "smart seats"; they are equipped with built-in biometric sensors for passengers passing through the passenger station or sitting in the waiting area. On top, you can automatically accept a variety of checks. “Smart Felt” can detect passengers who are frivolous by anxiety, while “smart seats” are used to detect whether a passenger is restless or uncomfortable.
Another Israeli company, Nemesysco, who is involved in the development of airport security systems, believes that the key to discerning a person's emotions and intentions lies in sound. The company's patented "Multilayer Sound Analysis (LVA)" computer can use a computer to analyze whether a dangerous person is based on a passenger's conversational characteristics (rather than what he said) and can grade his risk. This technology has been successfully tested at the Domodedovo International Airport in Russia.
The above-mentioned technology is so advanced that it is reminiscent of spy novels and science fiction novels. Some people will worry that the privacy of Zui’s secrets will be invisible, but Gijon emphasizes that WeCU “does not want you to feel like being questioned” . He is negotiating with airports around the world to sell these inspection equipment. He believes that in 2010, the airport will put it into use.

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