How to do celery as soon as the bolting

1. Use solid stalk varieties that are strong in winter and difficult to bolt.

2, using new, full of seeds. This kind of seed has strong growth potential, strong growth, and light bolting. When collecting seeds, they should strictly abide by the technical requirements of agronomic practices and prevent the use of early bolting plants to retain seed, otherwise it will greatly reduce the winter nature of the varieties, resulting in degradation of quality and aggravating the occurrence of early bolting.

3. In winter and spring cold season, take all effective measures to avoid the low temperature below 8-10°C. The night temperature should be above 8-12°C and the daytime temperature should be 15-20°C to avoid seedlings passing the vernalization stage.

4. Increase water and fertilizer management during the growth period to ensure its normal growth and development, promote vigorous growth, and inhibit reproductive growth. Prevent drought, less fertilizer, seedlings and other environmental conditions.

5, under the premise of strengthening management, timely spraying growth hormone, the growth of 7-10 days of prosperous time, even spray 2-3 times 20-50 mg / l of 90%, can promote vegetative growth, inhibiting bolting flowering .

6, appropriate early harvest, do not harvest when the bolting strain is old.

1. Frame :high quality section steel welding,The surface electrostatic spray, durable, beautiful and generous.

2. Bed panel is made of molding cold rolled steel, surface electrostatic spray, corrosion resistant, easy to clean.

3. Head & foot board:use ABS high quality engineering plastics and stainless steel pipe, lined with fireproof board, beautiful appearance, soft color . easy to removed.

4. Caster:use Taiwan Shi Ke Rui control wheel,No noise, Convenient mobile, four wheel synchronous braking system, lock solid.

5. Guardrail : ABS lifting guardrail, 4-piece, When not in use can be hidden in the bed.

6. Handle:ABS hidden handle 



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