High quality meat sheep - Nanjiang Yellow Sheep

The Nanjiang Yellow Goat is a meat-type, high-quality sheep breed newly bred in China and produced in Sichuan Province. It is one of the goat breeds highlighted by the state. Nanjiang Huangyang's feeding and management mainly consists of three good points:
First, selecting the seed and buying seedlings are the key to successful breeding. To choose a good mental condition, physical fitness, pure hair color, light, good carcass, pure varieties, production performance as a good sheep sheep. Sheep in affected areas, hybrid offspring, sheep with severe physical defects or severe hereditary diseases cannot be used as breeding sheep. When selecting seeds, it is best to have experienced professional technicians to participate.
Second, raise the customs
1. Scientific establishment of the hurdles: The sheds are best to be built on slopes and slopes, north-facing south, and cool feet in winter and summer. The general height of the fence is 1-1.5m above ground level. The bottom of the shed is covered with bamboo or wooden sticks. The spacing is 1-1.5cm wide and the area of ​​each column is 15-20m2. At the same time, it is necessary to build supporting litter bar and nursery bar, and to have corresponding heatstroke prevention and heat preservation facilities.
2. Note the density: Nanjiang yellow sheep have a large body size, generally 1 per square meter is appropriate. Lambs can be fed 3-4 per square meter.
3, insist on grazing: grazing is generally after 11 am, should not be too early grazing. We must insist on regular grazing and regular harvesting. Choose pastures rich in pasture, and plan to implement rotational grazing in the pastoral areas. Generally every other week, they must change places. Every grazing land must be grazing for half a month before re-grazing. On the one hand, it is beneficial to the growth of pasture, and on the other hand, it is beneficial to controlling the disease.
4, appropriate feeding: Ewe in the breeding season, the ram breeding season must be properly supplemented concentrates, sheep only in the first two months before the slaughter to concentrate fertilizer. In general, one or two soybeans a day, half a catty of wheat bran can be in order to ensure its growth, reproduction of nutrition management.
5, timely breeding: Nanjiang Huangyang 4 months of age can be mixed with the concept of pregnancy, usually pay attention to the activities of the sheep, found that there are estrus ewes, timely breeding. Lambs should be weaned promptly to promote estrus in the ewes, and if necessary, drug aphrodisiac can be used to increase ewes fertility.
Third, prevention and control must seriously do a good job of prevention and treatment of sheep disease and a variety of parasitic diseases.
1. Do a good job of epidemic prevention of No. 5 disease. Each adult goat was injected with 3-5 ml of the fifth diseased live vaccine in deep muscles. The first immunization was followed by refilling 3-4 weeks later and every 6 months thereafter.
2, regular insecticide, adhere to regular spring and autumn seasons to drive insects, usually found timely insect repellent, sheep common parasites have three categories:
1 ectoparasites and parasitic nematodes in the body. There are mainly lungworms, aphids, roundworms, and so on. The use of insect-busting series of highly effective anthelmintic drugs can effectively control the dosage of 0.3-0.4 mg/kg body weight. One dose is given once a week after one dose to consolidate the therapeutic effect.
2 flake-shaped flukes: mainly liver fluke and double-mouth flukes, and the net fly-killing effect of liver larvae is good. The general dosage is 0.1-0.5 ml/kg body weight and the use is safe.
3. Strict disinfection: 0.5% caustic soda solution or 15-20% quicklime milk can be used to regularly disinfect the pens, venues, and utensils, usually 1-2 times per week.
4, control the spread of the disease. Flocks should be kept out of contact with the population. In particular, the sheep must not cross the gates. Visits must be strictly disinfected. Shepherds must not go to the affected areas, and they must not go to the affected areas for grazing.

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