Grasping the Benefits of Rabbit Breeding and Breeding

In the breeding process of Zhang Desheng Rabbit Farm in Guangling Town, Taixing City, the rabbits were selected as a breeder, and the foxes were bred and breeded. The benefit of raising rabbits was greatly increased. In 2006, Lee Chuan million was created, which was double the average income of the previous three years.
This rex rabbit breeding farm has a history of 10 years. In the past, due to breeders breeding breeding technology, but with little effect. In the second half of 2005, under the guidance of scientific and technological personnel, the personnel in this field had the brunt of breeding and breeding techniques, and the rabbit farm production has undergone great changes. In 2005, there were 28 male rabbits and 140 female rabbits. In 2006, a total of 4580 talavers were born and 7.5 were born. In the year, a total of more than 3,500 rex rabbits were sold, with an average price of 58 yuan per rabbit, an annual production value of 203,000 yuan and a profit of 100,000 yuan, setting a record high. This field's breeding technology mainly captures the following points.
1 Select high quality rabbits
Beginning in September 2005, this field conducted the identification and selection of 760 remaining mature rabbits. It is commensurate with the head and body parts, both ears are erected, eyes are bright, hair is bright and elastic, body length is 40cm or more, chest circumference is 32cm or more, chest is wide and deep, back chest is wide and flat, buttocks are round and wide, and limbs are strong Powerful, muscular development is the standard; male rabbits have slightly curved penis, well-proportioned testes, and strong males; they produce superior first-class puppies; females have strong motherhood, nipples are more than 4 pairs, and genitals are clean and free from dirt; The growth rate of the female rabbits was recorded as a good selection principle. A total of 168 rabbits were kept.
During the seed selection process, the rabbit farm summarized the lessons of the excessive number of females remaining in the past year, the task of breeding male rabbits, and the decline in fertility. The proportion of male and female rabbits was adjusted from the original 1:12 to 1:5.
2 Although it is possible to bred and breed the rabbits in the breeding season, the heat in the summer and the hair exchange in the early fall will affect the rabbit's reproductive ability. Therefore, the breeding season will be free during the spring and winter seasons. This field concentrates on the mating work during the busy season and specifically grasps the four links:
2.1 Preparations for early mating In the half rabbit mating, there must be sufficient green feed in the diet of male and female rabbits. For example, various vegetables, especially carrot male rabbits, can be fed fish meal, bean cake, bran, broken rice, etc.; Rabbits can be fed with potatoes, cabbage, bone meal, etc. At the same time, the rabbits are often allowed to enter the solarium in turn to enhance their fitness. Before mating, cut the hair around the male and female genitals to prevent genital inflammation caused by dirt.
2.2 Promote estrus in female rabbits and increase conception rate Female rabbits are placed in male rabbit cages once a day. Through male rabbits chasing and crawling to stimulate the opposite sex, follicle hormones are produced in the pituitary glands of female rabbits, promoting heat and promoting fertility rates. improve.
2.3 Serious estrus identification Adult females are usually exposed to heat for 2 weeks, each time for 3 to 4 days. When the female rabbit is in estrus, the vulva is moist and red and swollen. If it is pink, it means that it is going to heat. If it is big red, it means that the estrus is wang; when it is purple, it means that the estrus has reached the top, and this is the best time for breeding.
2.4 Adopting a reasonable breeding method Rabbit breeding time is best after feeding in the early morning, morning or evening. Male rabbits mating, 1 to 2 times a day is appropriate; if mating 2 times a day, then 2 days must rest after a day interval. After the male and female rabbits have mated, they immediately take a shot on the ass of the female rabbit. After the female rabbit has a tight body, the semen can be deeply inhaled. Female rabbits are reconstituted once in 8 to 10 hours after the first mating, allowing the female rabbits to maintain viable sperm within a long period of time, so that the eggs that are discharged from the ovary can increase the chance of fertilization and increase the female rabbits. The conception rate.
3 During the pregnancy of the feed tower of a pregnant female rabbit during pregnancy, the amount and quality of feed have a great influence on the growth of the fetus. The field pays great attention to the female rabbit's feed mix. It is based on the principles of high nutritional value, strong palatability, small size, and easy digestion and absorption. In addition to guaranteeing a sufficient supply of green fodder, it also continuously supplements bean cakes, peanut cakes, and bran. Bone meal, salt, etc., so that the normal development of the fetus, increased birth weight, but also to ensure the health of the female rabbit.
4 Anti-epidemic work on rabbit infectious diseases At the beginning of the construction of the field, rabbits were found inadvertently because of introduction, and they were almost completely destroyed. Since then, they have learned to inject rabbit plague, Pakistani, and Wei triple vaccines around 30 days of age to ensure the health of the rabbits.

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