Donkey dried meat production process

Donkeys are herbivores that have a wide range of feeding habits and are easy to raise and have strong resistance to diseases. Donkeys are widely distributed in northern China, and a certain number of donkeys are also kept in the Haidong area of ​​our province. The donkey is large in size, strong in physique, thick and round in body, long in length, thick in limbs, and wide and deep in chest. The male donkey weighs about 200 kg.

The female weighs about 150 kg. The fresh donkey was dark red and the donkey contained more protein (18.5%) than the lamb (14.54%). Crude protein, phospholipids, VB12, and ten essential amino acids were all higher than beef. The mineral content is about 1.0%, and the cholesterol content is low. It has the effect of invigorating the spleen and stomach, benefiting qi and blood, and helping kidney and yang.

It is considered to be a fitness tonic. Because of its high protein, low fat, light taste, delicious taste, unique flavor and rich nutrition, it is used as a table and casual delicacy. Based on these characteristics, processing and development of dried donkey products have considerable economic and social benefits. To this end, the food processing laboratory of the College of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Qinghai University, through experimental research, developed the production process of donkey dried meat.

First, the material

(1) Donkey meat: Commercial fresh donkey.

(2) Salt: Commercially available refined salt (above 98%). The color is white. Transparent or translucent. No odor, dry no caking, no foreign material. The addition of salt to meat has the effect of regulating taste, preventing decay, improving water retention and adhesion.

(3) White sugar: Commercially available. The particles are neat, uniform, loose, dry, bright and white in color, completely melted in water, and the aqueous solution is a transparent liquid without any phenomenon of suspension or precipitation. The taste is sweet and the purity is high. Its role is to improve product flavor, buffer salty taste, enhance nutrition, and improve the organization of the product.

(4) Wine: Commercially available barley wine. The main role is to increase flavor and sterilization.

(5) Soy sauce: commercially available colored soy sauce. The role is to increase color, improve flavor, remove odors and so on.

(6) Spices: commercially available cloves, galangal, pepper, grass clasp, geraniol, meat clasp, ginger, fennel, Daxiang, Caoguo, cinnamon, Longbo, Amomum, and the right amount of dried chili. Requires clean, no foreign matter, no rot.

Second, the process flow:

Acceptance of raw materials → Cleaning → Cutting → Precooking → Dicing → Ingredients reconstitution → Baking → Inspection → Finished products III. Technical points: Raw material acceptance. Use fresh donkeys from pest free areas. The color is dark red and the smell is normal. Raw material finishing. Remove excess fat, blood clots, lymph, thick blood vessels, hairs, and other foreign materials from the donkey. Cut up the finished donkey to about 300 grams per piece, and pay attention to the cuts to be neat.


After the water is boiled, put the cut meat into it and cook it for 30 minutes. After the knife is cut, there is no blood in the meat. Then the pre-cooked meat is cut into about 80 grams each. Nine small pieces. The shape should be regular, and the blade should be as tidy as possible when slicing. Re-cooked. Weigh well all kinds of spices with gauze wrap, add water, white wine, salt, sugar, soy sauce boiled in hot water and then cut the good donkey into the pot to stir about 3 hours , to be cooked until you can remove it.


The fish pieces were placed in a stainless steel dish and then placed in an oven and baked (temperature 50-55°C, time for proper dehydration). Inspection: After the completion of baking, it will be tested as qualified. Fourth, the selection of process recipes. According to the experimental analysis, the main factor affecting the dried quality of the donkey is salt, followed by sugar and spices. The optimized combination of the selected formula is the fifth test: adding 3.3 grams of salt, 1.7 grams of sugar, and 0.9 grams of spices to 80 grams of donkey dried meat.

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