Non-pollution cucumber cultivation trick

First, choose high-quality varieties, grafting and nursery should use high disease resistance, high yield, good quality winter crown No. 1, Xintai Micoma and other excellent varieties, and black seed pumpkin or white seed pumpkin grafting seedlings (need to select stock According to market needs), and before sowing, do a good job of seed disinfection and seedbed disinfection, in order to facilitate the cultivation of disease-free strong seedlings.

Second, re-applied organic fertilizer, with biological fertilizer applied before planting combined with soil preparation at the end of decomposed chicken manure, cow dung and compost 7 to 10 cubic meters, and with the application of biological nitrogen fertilizer 2 to 3 kg, potash 4 to 5 kg (Add 10 to 20 times fine soil mixed with organic fertilizer).

3. Cleaning the greenhouses, fumigating the crops before the crops are harvested, thoroughly removing the stubble, deciduous and weeds in the greenhouses; before planting, use aerosols such as chlorothalonil and dichlorvos for closed fumigation to reduce the number of pests and diseases. .

Fourth, high ridge planting, under-membrane dark irrigation in accordance with the north-south direction to make a bottom 90 cm wide, 70 cm wide and 12 cm high ridge, the bottom of the two ridges spacing 30 cm, the upper spacing of 50 cm. On the ridge, planting two rows of seedlings with a planter spacing of 50 cm 27 to 30 cm with soil rakes, leaving a watering ditch at the ridge center. After the planting, the film was covered with a film with a width of 0.9 to 1 m. The seedlings were placed in the opening and the water was planted from the film. This will help improve the ground temperature and ensure the appropriate moisture supply, but also reduce the humidity and inhibit the occurrence of diseases.

Fifth, scientific fertilizer, reasonable watering fertilizer can not only provide adequate nutrition for plants, but also to effectively increase the temperature and promote robust growth of plants.

1. Harvesting can be done by harvesting No.1 at the time of planting, which can promote easing of seedlings, promote the generation of new roots, and make seedlings robust and disease-free.

2, after the root melon sat, with the water flushed Shi Jianzhi biological bacteria fertilizer, or Zhen Zhen brand of organic fertilizer or Lanshi series of fine fertilizer (the product is divided into a variety, according to their own situation flushing) and other fertilizers, Apply one fertilizer per two water. In addition, from the beginning of the flowering period, applying the harvest number 800 at every 5 to 7 days to increase the resistance to disease and stress, increase yield, and improve quality.

3. Under the premise of watering and planting water, roots are generally not watered before sitting to promote root development. When the root melon grows to 10 centimeters, it begins to water, and the melons are poured once in 10 to 15 days in the initial stage, and the melons are poured in 6 to 8 days in the later period. Watering should be selected on a sunny day. After pouring, the temperature of the shed is raised to 32°C-35°C, and then the air is allowed to cool down and drain out to prevent disease.

Sixth, comprehensive prevention and control of pests and diseases In addition to the prevention and treatment of pests and diseases, in addition to the cultivation of disease-free strong seedlings, strengthen plant adjustment, reduce humidity, high temperature stuffy shed, nutrition control and other measures, during the growth period, the main choice of multi-mycin, Wuycin, agricultural Streptomycin, avermectin and other high-efficiency, low toxicity, pollution-free pesticides symptomatic control, in the rainy and snowy foggy days can also be used high-efficiency, low-toxic chemical aerosol timely fumigation control.

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