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Variety category: Corn Variety category: Corn Variety Name: New US Fragrance Code: 粤审玉2008035
Variety source: Zhuhai Fresh Seedling Development Co., Ltd., XMN82-5-12-1-16-8-3-7/XMN31-12-9-21-4-1-8-2
Characteristics: Waxy corn single cross. Plants are dwarfed, compact and tidy, with good leaf morphology, strong growth potential in the early and middle stages, and good green retention in the later stages. The fertility period is 84-85 days, which is 1 to 2 days later than the fragrant white peony. Plant height 184 ~ 185 cm, ear height 64 ~ 66 cm, spike length 18.7 ~ 19.0 cm, ear 4.8 ~ 5.0 cm thick, bald head length 1.0 cm. The fresh weight of Shandan weighed 279-287 grams, the net weight of single ear was 207-215 grams, and the grain weight was 318-328 grams. The seeding rate was 67.44%-68.73%, and the first-rate ear rate was 87.6%-90%. Ear cone type, white grain, short bald ear, full grain, neat arrangement, beautiful spike shape, good commercial property. The amylose content was 2.87%-3.37%, the pericarp thickness was 71.26-76.2 microns, and the palatability scores were 86.8 and 88.5 points, respectively. Good cocoon, thin skin, good palatability, excellent quality evaluation. Resistance to sheath blight and leaf spot in the identification of disease resistance inoculation, and field resistance to high resistance to stem rot. High yield and adaptability, strong resistance to lodging.
Production performance: In 2006 and 2007, two provinces participated in the regional trial. The average yield per mu was 905.73 kg and 890.8 kg, respectively, which was 19.19% and 18.50% higher than that of the control species Hongxiangbai. The increase in production yield reached a very significant level.
Cultivation points: (1) Strict isolation and prevention of string powder; (2) Reapplying base fertilizer and attacking manure fertilizer, suitable for applying seedling fertilizer and strong stalk manure; (3) Using large-mouthed bell to the end of heart leaf to control corn borer with Bt powder; (4) Mu planting 3300 ~ 3800 strains; (5) Harvested 18 to 23 days after pollination. (1) 3300~3800 plants per acre; (2) 500m or more of an anther flowering period of more than 20 days in the intensive farming system and other corn; (3) The parent of the spring system is sown 7 days later than the female parent; the parent of the autumn system is sown 5 days later than the female parent; (4) Strictly eliminate impurities, timely, cleanly and thoroughly cast; (5) The father and mother seeds are separately harvested, cooled, handled and stored.
Planting area: New Meixiang wolfberry is a single cross of glutinous corn. The plants are short and vigorous, and the growth period is 1 to 2 days later than that of the control species, fragrant white peony. The yield is good, and the yield is significantly higher than the control varieties. Thin skin, excellent quality, amylose content of 2.9% to 3.4%. The resistance to sheath blight and leaf spot, field performance against stem rot, strong resistance to lodging. Suitable for planting in spring and autumn throughout the province. Comply with the certification standards for crop varieties in Guangdong Province and pass the examination and approval.


Because  of  different growing environment and conditions of itself, the fruit will be  different types of shapes and sizes, usually we deliver the size 180/220/280/320/350 and  so on, but can also supply other sizes. 

180Grains/50g Goji Berry

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